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Attorney W. Scott Rose has more than 20 years of experience practicing law. He limits his practice exclusively to criminal and DWI work, including defending people in the St. Louis area accused of property damage crimes.

In St. Louis, criminal charges for property damage can have serious consequences. Property damage involves property being destroyed, including homes, buildings, motor vehicles, and public property. When property damage occurs, the accused is at risk of facing hefty fines, jail time, and a criminal record. If you are accused of property damage in the St. Louis area, you need an experienced St Louis property damage attorney to protect your rights.

Property Damage Crimes in St. Louis

Property damage charges are based on a number of factors in St. Louis, including:

  • Type of property (e.g., home, car, personal item)
  • Severity of damage (e.g., broken window, arson)
  • Monetary value of the damage
  • Negligent or intentional property damage
  • Whether the property damage occurred during the commission of another crime, such as burglary
  • Whether the property damage was motivated by racial or ethnic animus, also known as a “hate crime”

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Vandalism and Arson in St. Louis

Intentional property damage crimes include vandalism and arson, and each has its own consequences. Intentional property damage cases include:

  • Vandalism: Vandalism occurs when an individual destroys or damages someone ‘s property without consent. This includes buildings, vehicles, websites, public spaces, or facilities, and more. Once accused, you will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, which includes fines, jail time, and restitution for the damage caused.
  • Arson: Arson is when an offender intentionally burns a property such as a building, residence, or motor vehicle. Because arson has the potential to cause injuries or death, it is considered a felony. In the state of Missouri, those charged with arson can be subject to long prison sentences.
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