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Rose Legal Services, LLC represents clients throughout the St. Louis area in criminal defense and DWI matters. We offer legal representation in the areas such as:

Driving While Intoxicated
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Drunk driving or driving under the influence.

Drug Crimes
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Offenses concerning drug possession, trafficking or manufacturing.

Property Damage
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Offenses concerning theft or destruction of property.

Domestic Violence
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Offenses concerning physical violence in the home.

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The permanent removal of criminal charges from one’s record.

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I do this work because I want to help people, whether they have been wrongly accused or they have made a mistake. W. Scott Rose

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Rose Legal Services will fight to protect your rights and help obtain the best solution for each and every client. We will keep you informed with every step of the process and stand ready to defend you. We will provide high-quality legal representation at reasonable prices.

Missouri criminal and DWI laws are complex, and every courtroom is different. If you have been accused of a crime or arrested for DWI, your case is too important to leave to a generalist – hire an experienced, dedicated criminal defense and DWI attorney today.

More About Rose Legal Services


Consequences can be severe; you may lose your driver’s license, pay heavy fines, or even receive a jail sentence.


We will obtain all police reports as well as the prosecutor’s entire file, review all relevant documents and physical evidence, and interview or take depositions of police officers and other witnesses, as appropriate.


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We do almost all of our cases on a “flat fee” basis. We will discuss legal fees at your initial consultation, and there will be no surprises.


Mr. Rose will be at your side at every court appearance and hearing. And if you choose to proceed with a trial, he will aggressively litigate your case to a judge or jury.

The State accused me of 3 felonies that someone else committed. I hired Scott, and he got the charges dismissed!

Scott, have helped me throughout this whole process mentally. You are really amazing – I thank you so much for helping me!

Mr. Rose really helped me out with a difficult situation. He was great to work with and worked hard to get me a good outcome. I would definitely recommend him to others.



Rose Legal Services serves St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, St. Louis City, U.S. District Court and municipal courts throughout the metropolitan area.

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