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Is an Illinois Arrest Record Causing Problems in Your Life?

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Having a criminal record can feel like a life sentence, making it difficult to get housing, jobs, or loans. Fortunately, Illinois law allows for expungement, a court-ordered process to remove eligible offenses from your record. An expunged case is essentially deleted from public access, giving you a clean slate and a fresh start.

Our Belleville expungement attorneys guide every qualified client seamlessly through petition filing, hearings if needed, and the court order process. We go the extra mile by sending your expungement order to background check agencies that may retain records for complete record clearance.

Experience the life-changing benefits of expungement and record sealing in Illinois. Contact our dedicated Belleville expungement attorneys for a candid assessment of your options.

Seeking Expungement? Understand These Key Points

Expungement is the process of removing eligible arrest or criminal records to give people a fresh start. An expungement order directs agencies like police departments and court systems to destroy, seal, or return related records.

There are a few main types of expungement in Illinois:

  • Expungement After Acquittal or Dismissal — You can expunge arrests that led to dismissed charges, acquittals, or if charges were never filed. There is no waiting period.
  • Expungement After Successfully Completing Supervision — You can expunge arrests after you successfully complete court supervision, with waiting periods of 2-5 years.
  • Expungement After Successfully Completing Probation — You can expunge arrests after you successfully complete probation, with a 5-year waiting period.
  • Expungement After a Pardon from the Governor — A gubernatorial pardon specifically allowing expungement enables you to expunge related records.

Various restrictions apply, and certain offenses are not eligible for expungement. The process involves filing a petition in the arresting jurisdiction, potentially having a hearing, and serving the expungement order to relevant agencies.

Qualifying for Expungement in Illinois

Before starting the expungement process, you must determine your eligibility. The main qualifying factors are:

What was the case result?

You likely qualify immediately if your charges were dropped or dismissed or you were acquitted, or charges were never filed. This applies to both misdemeanors and felonies.

What was the offense?

Misdemeanors may qualify if you successfully completed court supervision, with some exceptions like DUIs and domestic violence crimes.

Did you complete probation?

If you successfully completed probation for a felony or misdemeanor, you likely qualify after five years. This includes first-offender probation.

If you don’t qualify for full expungement, record sealing or a certificate of rehabilitation could be alternative options in Illinois.

Carefully examining your specific criminal history and case dispositions determines whether you meet Illinois expungement eligibility standards. If unsure, speaking to an attorney proves important.

Filing Your Petition with an Experienced Attorney by Your Side

With an attorney at your side, you can confidently file your petition on time, attend your hearing prepared, and present a compelling case. We’ll also explain any potential obstacles in advance so you aren’t broadsided. Our familiarity with local judges and prosecutors is invaluable during expungement proceedings.

The outcome of your petition often hinges on how persuasively it’s argued before a judge. We’ll passionately explain mitigating factors, emphasize rehabilitation, and position expungement as an opportunity to positively contribute to society. Our track record shows judges appreciate our professionalism and dedication to client interests.

Why Rose Legal Services is the Right Choice

At Rose Legal Services, we offer the experience, insider knowledge, and personalized attention vital for success. We’re committed to affordable rates and payment plans, so this path is accessible to all. If expungement can clear your record, let us fight on your behalf. The relief of moving forward with a clean slate is life-changing.

We go one step further by sending your expungement order to all background check agencies we have relationships with so your record won’t appear on future checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sealing makes records invisible to most citizens but not government agencies, while expungement legally destroys, erases, or returns the records so they cannot be viewed without a court order.

An unopposed petition typically completes in 60-90 days from filing through a final court order served on all agencies. Completion could take longer if objections are filed and/or appeals are pursued.

Successful completion of qualified probation sets eligibility for expungement, but you must still complete and file the petition process to seal or expunge an Illinois record.

Arrests not leading to any formal charges often qualify for immediate expungement eligibility. This clears the records fully compared to just sealing them from public view.

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