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St. Louis criminal defense attorney W. Scott Rose has been practicing law for 20 years. He limits his practice to criminal defense work, including the defense of weapons charges.

In St. Louis, weapons offenses involve the unauthorized possession of a deadly weapon, typically a firearm. The most common weapons offenses are unauthorized use of a weapon (“UUW”) and unlawful possession of a firearm, also known as felon in possession of a firearm. All weapons charges have the potential to result in a felony charge, so if you have been charged with a weapons related offense in St. Louis, it is imperative that you contact the criminal defense attorneys at Rose Legal Services immediately.

Weapons Crimes in St. Louis

Weapons offenses generally fall into two categories: unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful use of a firearm. Whether the accused is charged with one or the other is based on criminal code guidelines, and factors considered include:

  • Whether the weapon in question was concealed
  • If the weapon was exhibited in an angry or threatening manner, even if it was not fired
  • Whether or not the weapon was readily capable of lethal use
  • Location the defendant brought the weapon into (churches, government buildings, etc.)
  • Whether the weapon was used to harm another person or propertyWhether the location has posted signs indicating that the premises are off limits to concealed firearms

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Unlawful Weapon Possession

In St. Louis, the term “possession” in weapon related crimes can be actual possession or constructive possession. Actual possession refers to situations where the weapon is physically in the defendant ‘s hand or on his or her person. Constructive possession is when the weapon is in the control of the defendant, is within reach of the defendant. or the defendant has knowledge that an unauthorized weapon is in his or her presence (this may be in a car, home or other area not physically on their person). Whether your weapons offense charges are actual or constructive, it is important that you seek legal advocacy to navigate the charges and preserve your future.

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Unlawful Use of a Weapon “UUW”

There are many ways that a person can be charged with Unauthorized Use of a Weapon (“UUW”) under Missouri law, including exhibiting a weapon in an angry or threatening manner, possessing a weapon while intoxicated, or simultaneously possessing a weapon and a controlled substance. In St. Louis, unlawful use of a weapon typically results in a Class E felony charge, as it is illegal to use a weapon in various circumstances. If you have been charged with UUW in the St. Louis area contact the criminal defense attorneys at Rose Legal Services immediately to avoid a felony conviction.

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