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Missouri is known for its severe drug possession penalties. The sanctions vary from one case to the next and will depend on the type of drug in question. In addition to possible jail time and heavy fines, a conviction has collateral consequences to your reputation, employability, and ability to access certain benefits. A St. Louis drug crimes lawyer will examine your case, investigate the facts, and build a solid defense. Contact us as soon as possible after your arrest.

Types of St. Louis Drug Charges

Drug crime charges are serious, and the penalties you face can be substantial, especially if this isn’t your first offense. The state of Missouri has three main types of drug crimes, each with different levels of penalties. The charges that you’re facing may include the following.


Possession of a controlled substance means that you were in possession of one of the following:

  • Controlled substance
  • Illegal drug paraphernalia
  • Narcotic

The charges claim that you were found with one of these substances on your person or within your property. You may have had the drug in your automobile or your pocket. In either case, you’re still responsible for carrying an illegal substance.


If you had many narcotics in your possession, you might be charged with possession with intent. Since you had large quantities, the investigator may assume that you intended to distribute or sell the illegal substances. The evidence, in this case, depends on the amount of substance in your possession and will not involve any evidence of actually trying to sell the narcotics. Possession of a controlled substance is a Class D felony under Missouri law, except if the person had less than 35 grams of marijuana, which is a misdemeanor. Less than 10 grams of marijuana is a Class D misdemeanor if it is the first offense.


The manufacturing of illegal substances is a Class C felony unless the substance is marijuana in amounts less than 35 grams. In this case, you would face a Class E felony, which is still severe but less severe than a Class C felony. If you were not caught in the act, it would be difficult to prove the charges against you. Attorneys may argue that the substances in your home were for use in non-manufacturing. For example, many of the same chemicals used in manufacturing certain narcotics are in homes across Missouri that are not manufacturing drugs.


If you’re being charged with the cultivation or manufacturing of an illegal substance, you’ll be charged with a Class C felony in most cases. Marijuana is also the exception, with less than 35 grams leading to a Class E felony. The penalties increase if you were found to deliver or distribute the narcotics to a minor.

If a minor was involved or you were found within 2,000 feet of a school, a thousand feet of a park, or government housing, the penalties would increase. Sales and trafficking of illegal drugs are two different things. Trafficking often involves larger quantities and severe penalties.


If you have trafficking charges, you may face:

  • A lengthy prison sentence
  • No parole
  • Significant fines

You may face more significant charges if this is not your first offense. Multiple offenses can lead to longer imprisonment and higher fines. Habitual offenders may have prosecutors elevate charges which is allowed under Missouri drug laws. A typical Class C felony charge may be moved up to a Class B felony, which carries higher penalties and punishments. Controlled substances, such as methamphetamine, are pursued aggressively due to the dangerous nature of these drugs. Schedule I and II narcotics are highly addictive and dangerous. Due to the threat of these narcotics to the public, the drug type will be considered in your charges. Schedule IV and V drugs, which include marijuana, are easier to defend and typically carry lower charges. Are you facing felony drug charges? Don’t leave your freedom up to the criminal justice system. Contact our drug crime lawyers today.

When Should I Hire a St. Louis Drug Criminal Defense Attorney?

Arrested for drunk driving? Hire a St. Louis DWI lawyer to

Evidence will be presented against you and must be scrutinized to reduce your potential charges. Our legal team is trained to look over the evidence and find discrepancies. Unreliable informants and illegal search and seizure by law enforcement officers are two areas we’ll consider when building a defense.

Your first step following a drug charge is to call on an attorney focused on drug crimes. If you or a loved one is being charged with drug possession, cultivation, manufacturing, sales, or trafficking of a controlled substance, you need a drug crimes attorney to handle your case. Your attorney will help build a solid case and lower potential penalties and charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney will begin with the discovery phase and try to find inconsistencies in your police report. Your attorney may be able to have your charges lowered and/or place you in drug treatment or counseling rather than jail. Drug court may also be an option for you. Drug charges may result in jail time, heavy fines, and civil forfeiture of business or personal assets.

Were you traveling across the state or international borders? In this case, criminal drug charges can be bumped up to federal drug crime cases. Let us defend you in federal court, protecting your rights and freedoms. Call now.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally no. Once the case has been filed, the State has made the decision to prosecute. However, depending on your criminal history and the facts, here may be options available to keep it off your public record.

There are multiple different types of charges involving drugs. The most common charges include possession, cultivation/manufacturing, and selling/distribution.

A controlled substance is a drug that is controlled by the government because it has been found to be particularly harmful due to potential abuse and addiction. Some examples of controlled substances include stimulants, depressants, opioids, hallucinogens, and certain steroids.

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