W. Scott Rose Defends Client After Being Charged with Drug Possession

During a pat-down search for weapons, law enforcement discovered a “baseball-sized” bulge in a Rose Legal Services client ‘s front pants pocket that was later determined to be marijuana and cocaine. After an evidentiary hearing, and a solid defense by W. Scott Rose, the search was found to be unconstitutional, and all charges were dismissed.

Author Bio

Scott Rose, an experienced criminal defense lawyer and founder of Rose Legal Services, has been practicing law for over 20 years. He is dedicated to representing clients facing criminal charges and providing legal representation on various cases, including DWI, misdemeanor, and felony cases.

After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law, he gained valuable experience working for a United States Senator and as a Judicial Law Clerk for the Chief Judge of a United States District Court. Throughout his legal career, W. Scott Rose has committed to providing high-quality legal representation to his clients, earning him a spot in the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

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