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W. Scott Rose has more than 20 years of experience practicing law. He limits his practice exclusively to criminal and DWI work, including stealing charges in the St. Louis area.

In St. Louis, the criminal charge of stealing involves various types of crimes, including shoplifting, misdemeanor stealing, stealing $750 or more, stealing $25,000 or more, stealing from a person, stealing a credit or debit card, stealing a controlled substance, stealing a firearm, identity theft, and robbery. Each of these crimes carries different penalties ranging from fines and jail time to life in prison. As soon as you are charged with stealing, your future is on the line, and it is crucial that you contact Rose Legal Services in St. Louis for immediate and effective legal representation.


Burglary is the unauthorized entry into a structure with the intent to commit a crime inside. Unlike theft and robbery, no victims need to be present, no goods have to be stolen, and no forced entry is required to be charged. Burglaries are felonies and require the skilled attorneys of Rose Legal Services. The following criteria are used to determine if an offender has committed burglary:

  • Building or structure is occupied and capable of housing people, animals, etc.
  • Offender has entered property without consent
  • Presence of intent to commit a crime

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Stealing in St. Louis

Stealing is the appropriation of property or services of another with the purpose to deprive him or her thereof either without his or her consent or by means of coercion. The simplest stealing cases involve shoplifting from retail stores. Stealing cases become more serious when the property stolen was valued at more than $750 or more than $25,000 or consisted of a credit or debit card, a firearm, or a controlled substance. Stealing from a Person is likewise a more serious felony that can carry substantial jail or prison sentences.

Identity Theft is also becoming more and more common. Prosecutors are alleging crimes of identity theft for using another person ‘s credit or debit card, identification, or Social Security Number. Purchasing or using cloned credit-debit cards is also becoming a more common criminal offense in the St. Louis area.

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Robbery in St. Louis

Robbery is also a type of stealing; however, physical force, fear, or threats are used towards a victim to steal their personal property. If a weapon is used during the theft you may be charged with Robbery 1st Degree and Armed Criminal Action. To be charged for robbery, there must be a victim who has been threatened with or suffered harm. Depending on the nature of the crime, offenders are either charged with Robbery 1st Degree or Robbery 2nd Degree.

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