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St. Louis criminal defense attorney W. Scott Rose has more than 20 years of experience practicing law. He limits his practice to criminal defense work in the St. Louis area, including work to reinstate one’s drivers license after a five or ten-year denial.

If you have had more than one DWI conviction in Missouri, you may have lost your driver ‘s license for five or even ten years. After you have completed the five or ten-year revocation period, you may be eligible to have your driver ‘s license reinstated. Doing so, however, requires an attorney to file a petition on your behalf in Circuit Court. Rose Legal Services can help you complete this process.

Driver’s License Reinstatement in St. Louis

Whether you qualify for reinstatement of your driving privileges in Missouri after a five or ten-year DWI denial depends on many factors, including:

  • If you have been found guilty of an offense related to alcohol, controlled substances, or drugs while your driver ‘s license was revoked
  • How many points are on your driving record
  • Whether you are qualified to obtain a driver ‘s license
  • The results of a criminal background check
  • Whether there are any “holds” on your driving record for failure to appear in court, an unsatisfied judgment related to a motor-vehicle accident, or a child-support suspension, and
  • Your habits and conduct and whether a judge believes that you no longer pose a threat to the public safety of the state

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Petition to Reinstate

If the petition to reinstate your driver ‘s license after a five or ten-year DWI revocation is successful, you will most likely have to equip your motor vehicle with an ignition interlock device.

Obtaining a driver ‘s license after a five or ten-year denial can be a complicated process. A petition must be filed in Circuit Court, and the Missouri Department of Revenue will send an attorney to court, and that attorney may oppose reinstatement. Even if you are eligible for reinstatement, the Court must conduct a trial about your habits and conduct, and you will be cross-examined by the Department of Revenue ‘s attorney. You need an attorney by your side who will fight for your driver ‘s license.

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If you have completed a five or ten-year revocation of your Missouri driver ‘s license because of previous DWI cases – or even if you are in the last year of your revocation period – call St. Louis criminal defense and DWI attorney W. Scott Rose today. Mr. Rose can file a petition to reinstate your driver ‘s license so that you can once again legally drive in Missouri.