Can You Drive for Uber With a DWI?

Becoming a rideshare driver for Uber is a great way to meet new people, make extra money, and be your own boss. 

Many people are drawn to this job because the requirements to be an Uber driver are not that difficult. In most cases, if you are 21 years old, have been a licensed driver for at least a year, and have an insured four-door car, you are ready to go. 

However, there may still be roadblocks that stand in the way of driving for Uber. According to the Uber DWI rules, this might not be a job opportunity after all for some people, including those with a DUI conviction. 

If you are applying to be an Uber driver or are already driving for the company and have been charged with a DWI, there is a good chance that you may lose your job or get denied the opportunity to drive for Uber unless you are cleared of the charges. 

To ensure you understand all of Uber’s DWI regulations, we will discuss everything you need to know about driving for Uber if you have a drunk driving charge.

Uber Driver Regulations You Need to Know

Uber has implemented several regulations to ensure drivers and passengers are safe during their trips. Namely, Uber denies any applicants with felony convictions from the past seven years

However, if the applicant has serious convictions on their record, Uber will deny them. 

Examples of serious crimes include:

  • Homicide
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual offenses against minors
  • Terrorism
  • Human trafficking
  • Kidnapping

Pending serious criminal charges can also disqualify you from being an Uber driver.

Uber also prohibits drivers who have had major traffic violations, including DWIs, reckless driving, and drug-related driving offenses, within the last seven years. It’s also important to note that any felony convictions from the past seven years will result in Uber deactivating your account. 

In Missouri, having three or more DWIs is considered a felony. Uber has these rules to ensure drivers with a history of DWI convictions cannot put passengers in danger.

Uber’s Annual Background Checks

Even if you pass your initial background check to drive for Uber, this does not mean your application will be accepted. 

Because Uber performs annual checks, you can still run into trouble working for the company and even lose your driving privileges if you are convicted of a DWI down the road. Uber will review your motor vehicle records and criminal history during these annual checks.

According to Uber’s new safety standards, Uber will rerun checks on existing drivers. More importantly, the company’s new offense notifications system will alert Uber if a current driver ever gets charged with a DWI or another serious offense. 

Uber receives an alert whenever one of its drivers is involved in a crime. Once Uber is notified, a representative will review the offense to ensure the driver still meets the company’s safety regulations.

What Happens if Your DWI Case Was Dismissed?

If your DWI case gets dismissed, you most likely won’t be able to work with Uber. When Uber completes a background check, they might be able to see the DWI on your driving record. Based on this information, Uber can disqualify you from being a driver.

But don’t give up hope yet. Your ability to drive for Uber ultimately depends on the circumstances of your case. If your background check is denied, you can contact an Uber representative to explain your situation to them. 

You may also need evidence of your dismissal or expungement, such as court documents and the approval notice. Following these steps doesn’t guarantee success, but driving for Uber may be possible with a dismissed case.

Another factor to consider is if your license was suspended due to a DWI. Even if you’re acquitted of your DWI, you may lose your license for an extended period. You cannot be an Uber driver without a valid driver’s license.

It’s also important to have realistic expectations, as it’s uncommon for a DWI case to be dismissed. 

If your case successfully gets dismissed, it’s beneficial to contact a DWI attorney before you submit your Uber application. They can review your case and tell you about Missouri laws regarding DWIs that might prohibit you from being an Uber driver.

Let Us Help You Fight Your DWI Charge 

If you are planning on driving for Uber but you are facing a DWI charge, the best thing you can do is to reach out to a skilled DWI attorney. These lawyers can promptly get to work, investigating the incident and challenging the critical evidence against you. When these attorneys take on your case, they aim to have your charges dismissed or to reduce them as much as possible so you can get back to living your life.

That is why, after a DWI charge, you should not wait to secure the legal help you need. 

Instead, contact an experienced DWI attorney today for a free consultation.

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