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Credit card fraud allegations threaten your reputation, freedom, and future. In Belleville, these charges are most often prosecuted as felonies, carrying the potential of years of prison time and massive fines if convicted. Even first-time offenders often face steep consequences.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this crisis alone. Our dedicated local defense attorneys are here to listen and protect your rights at every turn.

At Rose Legal Services, we’ve handled many fraud cases over many years of practicing criminal law. We take a compassionate approach from the start, reinforcing your legal rights while exposing flaws in the prosecution’s arguments.

We have a lot of cases in St. Clair County Circuit Court. So, our familiarity with local judges and prosecutors allows us to anticipate strategies while negotiating from experience rather than emotion. Just as importantly, we know this painful process can wear down even the sturdiest of spirits. We make supporting you and your family a top priority.

You deserve the comfort of counsel advocating for your best interests. Schedule a consultation at our Belleville law office to discuss your case and see how we can help protect your future.

What Constitutes Credit Card Fraud in Illinois?

The first step toward building your defense involves understanding precisely what illegal activity the state alleges you committed. Under Illinois law, a person commits credit card fraud in a number of ways.

Here are a few financial crimes that prosecutors may charge defendants with under the statutes:

Possession of Another’s Credit, Debit, or ID Card (720 ILCS 5/17-32)

  • Possessing another’s ID card with intent to defraud is a Class A Misdemeanor, raised to a Class 4 Felony for 3+ cards in a year or if total property value exceeds $150.
  • Possessing another’s credit/debit card without consent is a Class 4 Felony or a Class 3 Felony for 3+ cards in a year.

Possession of Lost or Mislaid Credit/Debit Card (720 ILCS 5/17-33)

  • Possessing a lost/mislaid credit/debit card with intent to use, sell, or transfer it is a Class 4 Felony, raised to a Class 3 Felony for 3+ cards in one transaction.

Sale of Credit or Debit Card (720 ILCS 5/17-34)

  • Selling a credit/debit card without issuer consent is a Class 4 Felony, raised to a Class 3 Felony for the sale/purchase of 3+ cards in one transaction.

Use as Security for Debt (720 ILCS 5/17-35)

  • Using someone’s card as security for a debt or transferring control over a card as security for debt is a Class 4 felony.

Use of Counterfeit, Forged, Revoked Cards (720 ILCS 5/17-36)

  • Using a counterfeit, forged, revoked card, etc., to obtain items worth $300 or less in 6 months is a Class 4 Felony. For values above $300, it becomes a Class 3 Felony.

As you can see, prosecutors may stack multiple overlapping financial crimes charges against defendants in these cases. We have extensive experience defending against all credit card fraud accusations under Illinois law.

With your freedom on the line, understanding the nuances of financial crimes law in Illinois proves critical. Our defense lawyers are intimately familiar with these statutes and can target weaknesses from day one.

Crafting a Strategic Defense Strategy for Fraud Charges

The prosecution bears the burden of proving every element of credit card fraud beyond a reasonable doubt. We scour police investigative tactics, witness statements, financial records, and technology logs for inconsistencies or omissions.

Several case-winning arguments we can employ include:

  • Mistaken Identity – Surveillance footage, IP addresses, and tips can implicate the wrong person. By raising authenticity doubts and showing motive issues with alternate suspects, we dismantle dubious identification claims.
  • Consent Issues – Proving you knowingly and purposefully defrauded someone hinges on showing no permission existed. We investigate card access intricacies to show approval could have been granted or identities mistaken.
  • Improper or No Miranda Warning – If detectives question you without administering your rights against self-incrimination, we can challenge the admissibility of harmful statements.
  • Technical Barriers – Countless opportunities exist, from challenging device/network logs to encryption dilemmas to complicate digital evidence collection and analysis – raising doubts.

While the facts vary, our process remains steady – leverage our experience to systematically undermine the State’s arguments while constructing strong defenses demonstrating reasonable doubt.

Rose Legal Services – Counsel Backed By Years Defending Financial Crimes

If allegations threaten your future, you need an accomplished team passionately advocating for your rights at the negotiating table and the courtroom. With intimate familiarity regarding fraud prosecution throughout Illinois, let us use our connections to protect everything you hold dear.

  • A Track Record You Can Trust – Our consistent past results speak for themselves – reduced charges, no jail time, and repeatedly exposing flawed investigations resulting in dismissals.
  • We Know the System and the People In It – With over a decade of criminal defense experience, we understand the methods, habits, temperaments, and tactics used by agencies, investigators, police, judges, and prosecutors. This allows us to plan strategically while building good faith and trust when it matters most.
  • You Are More Than Just a Case or File Number – This process often leaves people feeling dehumanized. We take every opportunity, whether with authorities, witnesses, or juries, to positively spotlight our client’s humanity, intentions, family, and community ties as we dispute allegations and demand fair treatment.

If accusations of credit card fraud or identity theft have put your future at risk, take the first step and call Rose Legal Services today. Our defense attorneys are readily available for confidential case evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoke your right to remain silent until our attorney is present. Any statements made can be used against you, even if you are innocent. Let us handle communications.

Absolutely not. In fact, hiring an experienced lawyer is your best chance at proving your innocence or getting charges reduced. It is your constitutional right. Prosecutors know working with a dedicated defense lawyer means they need credible evidence to get a conviction.

Yes, credit card fraud exceeding certain dollar amounts or involving interstate activity falls under federal jurisdiction and can face federal criminal prosecution. Prosecutors typically pursue federal charges in large fraud rings, cases crossing state borders, or when important interests of financial institutions and corporations are deemed violated on a national level.

The State accused me of 3 felonies that someone else committed. I hired Scott, and he got the charges dismissed!

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