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Criminal charges can be very stressful to deal with on your own. Our experienced Brentwood criminal defense attorneys have helped many clients in similar situations navigate this complex legal process. Mr. Rose and his team have established a reputation for vigorous and effective defense and a thorough understanding of criminal justice proceedings, including courts, judges, and laws. If you’ve got an upcoming court date in Brentwood Municipal Court, we can help.

People often make the mistake of going into these court proceedings without knowing what options are available to them or understanding the potential consequences of their charges. It’s more than jail time and fines— It could mean a criminal record, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, repercussions to a professional license, never being able to own a firearm, or being disqualified for financial aid. These are penalties that can have a LASTING impact.

We’re here to stand by your side in Brentwood Municipal Court and provide the zealous advocacy you need. Reach out to our misdemeanor defense attorneys immediately to get these matters resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Request a free case review.


Brentwood Municipal Court is located at 2348 S. Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood MO 63144. For information regarding court dates, tickets, or other court matters, you can contact the Brentwood Municipal Court during business hours at (314) 962-4800 or visit their website.

If you find yourself in court, waiting for your turn to approach the bench, the court docket is set up in the following order:

  1. Individuals with attorneys
  2. Regular docket
  3. Payment docket
  4. Trial docket
  5. Probation Revocations
  6. Confined docket

When your name is called, your charges will be read to you. You have the option to (1) plead guilty, (2) plead not guilty, or (3) request a continuance to contact a Brentwood criminal defense attorney.  The Court may also allow you to “plead guilty with an explanation.”

While in the courtroom:

  • Stay seated until your case is ready to be heard.
  • Don’t smoke or consume food or drinks
  • Silence your phone
  • Don’t sleep or disrupt proceedings.

How Can A Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Help Me In Brentwood Municipal Court?

Our #1 goal is to help obtain the best solution for each and every client. Whether this is your first misdemeanor or not, we’re always going to get started with a case assessment at NO COST to you. Usually, we conduct our misdemeanor attorney consultations by telephone or video conference, but we are always pleased to meet in person at our office or, if necessary, at a local jail.  Your initial consultation will be with a Brentwood attorney so that we can begin strategizing and assembling your defense immediately:

Thorough Investigation: Every case begins with an exhaustive investigation of the charges against you. We obtain reports and files, review evidence, and interview officers and witnesses, if appropriate. While we build our defense, we’ll also ensure that your rights are protected and respected throughout the entire process.

Effective Advocacy: As soon as you become our client, we’re there with you throughout every step of the process, right from your arraignment to final disposition. If your case goes to trial, you can trust us to aggressively litigate your case and provide the advocacy you deserve.

Minimize or Eliminate Penalties: The consequences of criminal charges can have a lasting impact on your life and livelihood. Our misdemeanor defense attorneys will work to help minimize your charges or have them dropped altogether.

For anyone facing misdemeanor charges in Brentwood Municipal Court, take the time to speak with an experienced misdemeanor defense attorney to ensure you understand exactly what you’re going into— and the best way to handle it.

Common Brentwood Municipal Court Charges

Some of the most common charges an attorney can assist with at Brentwood Municipal Court include:


If you’ve got an upcoming case at Brentwood Municipal Court… Take legal action today. Rose Legal Services exclusively defends clients against criminal charges throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Rose and his team will work tirelessly & aggressively to defend you in the court of law.

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Whether you’ve been wrongfully accused or made a mistake — We’re here for you. The attorneys at Rose Legal Services will be by your side at every court appearance and hearing, making sure your rights are protected, and your voice is heard. Headed for Brentwood Municipal Court? Start preparing for your case now. Reach out for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were found guilty of a crime in Brentwood Municipal Court, the charges will hit your criminal record and begin appearing on background checks. Background checks are often conducted when applying for work, housing, or licensing. If you meet the criteria, an expungement lawyer may be able to help have this erased from your record. Fortunately, Missouri’s expungement laws were updated in 2018 and again in 2021, making it easier than ever to get back to a CLEAN record.

If you’re facing misdemeanor charges at Brentwood municipal court—YES, you should speak with a misdemeanor criminal defense attorney before jumping into the legal process on your own. Whether or not you’re truly guilty, make sure you understand ALL of your options beforehand so that you can be prepared to defend yourself appropriately. A misdemeanor attorney will advise you on the best path forward that preserves your life and liberty.

Your rights in Brentwood Municipal Court are as follows…

You have the rights to:

  • Know when courts are open
  • Attend court
  • An attorney
  • A trial
  • Release pending hearing
  • Have a judge decide if you can afford to pay for a lawyer or pay fines
  • A court-appointed attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney and the government is seeking jail time
  • Access court records
  • Request a different judge

The State accused me of 3 felonies that someone else committed. I hired Scott, and he got the charges dismissed!

Scott, have helped me throughout this whole process mentally. You are really amazing – I thank you so much for helping me!

Mr. Rose really helped me out with a difficult situation. He was great to work with and worked hard to get me a good outcome. I would definitely recommend him to others.