Following a shutdown of Missouri courts because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the Missouri Supreme Court is allowing Missouri courts to begin re-opening on May 18. Individual courts will determine for themselves when to re-open and what in-person activities will be permitted. We will notify our clients individually about whether they should attend their next court date.

In the meantime, we remain OPEN and hard at work on our clients’ cases. Although we cannot conduct “open office hours” or in-person meetings at this time, we are meeting with clients and prospective clients by video conference. Our telephones will continue to be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

W. Scott Rose Gets DWI Charges Dropped After Motor Vehicle Accident

Rose Legal Services’ client (defendant) drove the wrong way around a traffic circle, crashed her automobile into a tree, and left the scene of the accident without reporting it to law enforcement. She was later found at her home where law enforcement officers observed a strong odor of alcohol, thick and slurred speech, glassy bloodshot eyes, difficulty maintaining balance, and confusion. She admitted to having “some drinks earlier.” She was charged with Driving While Intoxicated and faced a one-year suspension of her driver ‘s license for refusing to submit to a chemical test of her breath. A court found no probable cause for the arrest and ordered her license reinstated, and the criminal charge was later dropped.