What Can I Do to Stay Out of Jail for Driving on a Revoked or Suspended License?

If you’ve been caught driving on a revoked or suspended license in Missouri, you’re probably worried about the possibility of jail time.

It’s a serious offense with potentially life-altering consequences, but with the right legal strategy and a proactive approach, you may be able to avoid spending time behind bars.

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between revoked and suspended licenses, the penalties you might face, and, most importantly, how to stay out of jail.

The Differences Between Revoked and Suspended Licenses

In Missouri, a license revocation means your driving privileges have been terminated, typically due to a serious offense like a DWI or multiple violations. To get your license back, you’ll need to go through a formal reinstatement process.

On the other hand, a license suspension means your driving privileges have been temporarily withdrawn, often for reasons like failing to appear in court for a moving violation or accumulating too many points on your driving record. Once you’ve fulfilled the necessary requirements, like appearing in court, paying the reinstatement fee, or providing proof of insurance, your license can be reinstated.

Regardless of whether your license was revoked or suspended, if you’re caught driving, you could face criminal charges. For a first offense, it’s typically a Class D misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500. Municipal ordinances may authorize jail time, even for a first offense. And conviction of Driving While Revoked or Suspended, even if you just pay a fine, results in the assessment of 12 points on your driving record, which will cause another 1-year revocation. However, subsequent offenses can lead to more severe penalties, including jail time.

How to Avoid Jail Time for Driving on a Revoked or Suspended License

So, what can you do to stay out of jail if you’re charged with driving on a revoked or suspended license? Here are some key strategies:

1. Get Your License Reinstated

The first and most crucial step is to work on getting your license reinstated. This shows the court that you’re taking responsibility for your actions and trying to remedy the situation.

Depending on the reason for your revocation or suspension, this may involve:

  • Paying off any outstanding fines or fees
  • Completing a substance abuse treatment program (if your license was revoked due to a DWI)
  • Obtaining SR-22 insurance as a high-risk driver
  • Installing an ignition interlock device (if required)

We can help you navigate the reinstatement process and ensure you’re meeting all the necessary requirements.

2. Hire a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’re facing criminal charges, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side can make all the difference. We know the ins and outs of the Missouri legal system and can work to protect your rights and achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

One key strategy we employ is negotiating with prosecutors to amend your charges or secure a more favorable disposition. For example, we may be able to get your charges reduced to a lesser offense or argue for alternative sentencing options like probation or community service instead of jail time.

3. Demonstrate Proactive Steps to Address the Problem

Another way to show the court that you’re serious about avoiding future violations is to take proactive steps to address the underlying issues that led to your revoked or suspended license. This might include:

  • Completing a defensive driving course
  • Attending traffic school
  • Seeking substance abuse treatment (if applicable)
  • Implementing strategies to ensure you don’t miss future court dates

By demonstrating a genuine commitment to positive change, you’ll be in a better position to argue for leniency in your case.

The Importance of Addressing Failure to Appear Suspensions

One common reason for license suspensions in Missouri is failing to appear in court for a moving violation. If this happens, the court can issue a warrant for your arrest and suspend your license indefinitely until you address the issue.

If you have a failure-to-appear (“FTA”) suspension, it’s essential to take swift action. We can go to court on your behalf, work to withdraw the suspension, and get you back on the road legally. Don’t let an FTA suspension turn into a more serious criminal charge – contact us right away so we can start working on a solution.

Protect Your Rights and Your Freedom with Our Suspended License Lawyers

Dealing with a revoked or suspended license charge can be stressful and overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. When you work with our experienced criminal defense lawyers, you’ll have an advocate defending your rights every step of the way.

We’ll start by thoroughly reviewing the circumstances of your case and identifying any weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence. From there, we’ll develop a tailored defense strategy designed to secure your freedom.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed and involved, making sure you understand your options and feel confident in the choices you’re making. With our guidance and support, you can navigate the legal system with clarity and peace of mind.

The High Cost of Repeat Offenses

While a first-time offense for driving on a revoked or suspended license may not result in jail time, the stakes get much higher if you’re caught repeatedly. A second or third offense can be charged as a Class A misdemeanor, with penalties of up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine. If you rack up four or more offenses, you could even be facing felony charges and a lengthy prison sentence. And every conviction for Driving While Revoked or Suspended leads to the Department of Revenue assessing you another 12 points, which is another 1-year revocation, setting you back even further.

The long-term consequences of multiple driving while revoked or suspended convictions can be devastating. You may find it harder to get a job, secure housing, or obtain car insurance. That’s why it’s so crucial to break the cycle and commit to driving legally and responsibly.

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