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W. Scott Rose is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has many years of experience assisting individuals in the St. Louis area with the permanent expungement of their criminal record.

In St. Louis, it is not uncommon for those who have been charged with a crime to have trouble creating a productive future for themselves, even years after their crime was committed, due to their criminal record. It is now more possible than ever to have your criminal record expunged in St. Louis, allowing for job opportunities, financial opportunities and other livelihood-related circumstances to be far more accessible for those who have committed a crime.

Expungement of a Criminal Record in St. Louis

Not all crimes committed can be expunged from one’s criminal record. In fact, there is a highly specific set of parameters one’s criminal history must meet to be qualified for expungement in St. Louis. Rose Legal Services can help you determine if your record qualifies for expungement, and help you efficiently and effectively expunge your criminal record if it meets the following conditions:

  • Criminal history does not include Class A felonies
  • Petitioner is not a registered sex offender
  • Petitioner does not have any misdemeanor or felony charges related to domestic violence or assault
  • Petitioner does not have any DWI offenses on their criminal record
  • It has been at least seven years since the initial arrest of the petitioner

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